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Aluminium company in Sinopec, the seven-time world 500 strong III
Jul 12, 2016

The night of July 7, 2014 the Fortune 500 ranking of the world, and aluminum company to $ 45.4 billion in revenue was selected as one of the top 500 list for the seventh consecutive time, top 2013 up 46.

Fortune 500: number of Chinese companies into three listed companies in China reached 100 record

Wealth in Chinese instead of English in Beijing on July 7 night network released its latest global synchronization of the Fortune Global 500 ranking of retail leader Wal-Mart back on top. Number of listed companies in China reached a record 100. Sinopec to replace ExxonMobil, ranked third on the list, breaking the history of the company and shell tripod with Wal-Mart.

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