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China rare earth industry association Deputy Secretary General Chen Zhanheng Optimistic about the next five years, China's rare earth new materials market
Jul 12, 2016

According to China's network news May 21, 2016, China rare earth industry Wuzhou Guest House in Shenzhen Investment Summit opened. The Summit is the highest-level annual event in one of the rare earth industry, but also domestic and financial circles, the first cross-border communication platform.

Summit discusses "Thirteen-Five" under the background of development of rare earth industry trends, "rare earth + financial" investment opportunities, in the context of rare earth new material industrial investment ideas, and so on. Focusing on rare earth supply side reform upstream and downstream industry chain investment opportunities for in-depth analysis and thought collide, to boost the healthy development of rare earth industry in China provides a collection of financial and rare earth of new ideas, new opportunities for cross-border cooperation.

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