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Lowered import tariffs on aluminium industry analysis of its effect
Jul 12, 2016

For lowered tariffs on aluminium imports, industry insiders believe has the following consequences:

Tariff cuts will enhance the industry's competitiveness and the promotion of demand growth, can also create significant employment opportunities. Last year's import tariff on non-alloy aluminum halves, in fact, exacerbated by downstream industries market distortion and unfair competition.

As Europe's refining capacity and consumption grew at an annual rate of 4%, the development of aluminum industry in the future will depend on the supplier. But customs duties severely affected aluminum transformers of the EU's competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

Association of aluminium consumers in Europe believes that tariff is a barrier that allows consumers to find a stable, adequate and competitive supplier of aluminum products became more difficult and as a result paying higher costs. It is estimated that tariffs on EU imports aluminum transformers per year will pay up to 500 million euros (US $ 782 million)

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