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6063 Aluminum Alloy Casting
Jul 12, 2016

1. Select reasonable casting temperature

Reasonable casting temperature is also an important factor to produce high quality aluminum bar, temperature is too low, easy to produce slag, defects such as PIN. Temperature is too high, easy to produce coarse grain, feathers, crystals and other casting defects.

Grain refinement of 6063 aluminum alloy liquid casting temperature increase, generally between control 720-740 ℃, it is because:

① treated by grain refinement of liquid aluminum variable viscosity, easily solidified.

Crystal frontier II aluminum rods in Foundry has a liquid-solid two phase over, narrow casting of high temperature becomes excessive, too narrow to the crystallization front exhaust gases, the temperature is not too high, of course, the casting of high temperature will shorten the time of grain refinement, the grain becomes relatively large.