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6063 Aluminum Alloy Melting
Jul 12, 2016

1. control the melting temperature

Aluminum alloy melting is one of the most important process to produce high-quality casting rods, process control, slag inclusions, porosity in the casting held, coarse grain, feathers and crystals and many other defects, it must be kept.

6063 aluminum alloy melting temperature is between 750-760 is better, too low increases the slag produced, too high increases the hydrogen, nitrogen oxide, burnt. Studies have shown that the solubility of hydrogen in liquid aluminum at more than 760 c rose sharply, while the hot way of reducing hydrogen absorption and many, such as drying smelting furnace and melting tools, such as preventing the use of flux for wet and deteriorate. But the melting temperature is one of the most sensitive, away from the melting temperature is not only a waste of energy, increase costs and cause pores, coarse grain, feathers such as the direct cause of the defect.