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Aluminum Mold Design Of Six Points
Jul 12, 2016

Aluminum mold design of six points

1. size analysis of aluminium extrusions

Size and deviation of the extrusion is due to mold, equipment and other relevant factors to decide. Among them, was greatly influenced by mold dimensions change, effect on dimensional changes due to: elastic deformation of the mold, mold temperature, mold and die manufacturing precision and wear of materials, and so on.

(1) selection of aluminum extrusion press tonnage

Extrusion extrusion ratio is expressed as a numerical mould easily, generally speaking, the extrusion ratio between 10-150 is applicable. Extrusion ratio lower than 10, low mechanical properties if compression ratio is too high, prone to surface defects or poor angle. Solid profiles extrusion ratio recommended in about 30 hollow profile at about 45.

(2) determine the size of

Extrusion die dimension refers to the outside diameter and the thickness of the mold. Mold dimensions by the section size, weight and strength to determine.