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Speed Too Fast Products Appear At The Surface Pitting, Cracks And Other Tendencies, An Increase Of Uneven Deformation Of Metals, How Do I Quickly Squeezed While Guaranteeing Product Quality?
Jul 12, 2016

2 conditions for achieving rapid extrusion

2.1 fast Extrusion die design

And General aluminum profile extrusion mold compared, fast extrusion requirements mold shunt hole big, that guarantee for material volume sufficient; Shang die thin, that sent material trip reduction short; mold work with short, that aluminum and mold of resistance reduced; with extrusion process of completed, deformation district temperature increased, and extrusion speed more fast, deformation district temperature increased have also more fast, so mold should with mold cooling system, to guarantee extrusion mold temperature stable, low temperature high-speed, achieved fast extrusion of while also guarantee has mold of life and profile quality. In addition, the rapid extrusion mould material is better.